100_3483Born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois, 26 year-old Ryan Serene, known to many as Ryan “Mac” McManaman, started his music career back in 2002 when he began writing and recording his own music. Ryan’s inspiration and passion for music stems from his personal childhood experiences. Ryan states, “My music is a true reflection of who I am as a person, what I believe in, and what I’ve overcome.”

At a young age, Ryan was exposed to scenarios that most children never encounter. Ryan witnessed first hand, the effects of drug and alcohol abuse from both his father and mother. Due to excessive infidelity and spousal abuse, Ryan’s parents divorced and his father, who was an alcoholic, did not show a presence in Ryan’s life. Following the divorce, Ryan’s mother found difficulty in coping with the effects of an unhealthy marriage, allowing drugs and alcohol to be the answer.

With no parental guidance present, Ryan’s grandparents ultimately saved his life by raising him throughout his teenage years. Ryan became the first of his immediate family to graduate High School and attend college with the opportunity to play collegiate level baseball. Unfortunately, Ryan’s sophomore year took a turn for the worse when tragedy hit home yet again. On the morning of January 21st, 2008 Ryan was informed that his father had committed suicide.

With extreme personal life experiences at his fingertips, it is easy to say that music has become an outlet for Ryan to express his thoughts and emotions. Ryan holds a strong belief that music has helped him to cope with the scars of his personal life, while also allowing his listeners to gain a genuine understanding of who he is. Most importantly, Ryan uses his honesty to demonstrate to other young men and women the possibility of overcoming a heartbreaking childhood.